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The McCRYSTAL complex comprises two studios, a workshop, residence and two apartments built at Daylesford, and constructed from 12 shipping containers and some conventional construction.

This is the SMALLisSMART HOUSE kitchen / dining looking thru to the bedroom and showing the vanity basin.​

This illustration indicates a variety of SMALLisSMART HOUSES showing different window / door configurations, and that they can be stacked on top of each other (they can also cantilever one off another).

The student apartment kitchen with the wardrobe (in yellow) and the bathroom in the background.

The interior of the 20 ft container student apartment. This can be an   
ideal granny flat if you have very limited space or an AirBNB!


This development of 14 larger than standard containers is 14 student apartments to be built in Newcastle. Instead of being shipped by container vessel, they will be transported on a "bulker"


These 2 X 3 storey townhouses planned for a very difficult rocky shelf  were designed from 20 ft and 40 ft containers and conventional light weight steel construction for the garages and stair well. The above ground swimming pool is a container with access from the first floor deck ​

This is an interior photo of the kitchen and dining area of the SMALLisSMART HOUSE that we were invited to exhibit at Australia's leading design expo, DESIGNEX. We can provide you with a house for 2 adults and 4 children or guests in a single 40 ft HC container!

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