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I am now back from my visit to USA....
​We invite your inquiry or comment.
Want to see more? Have a look at our old website:     
It is static, and a bit of a mess (caused by Microsoft when they bought out the website builder we had engaged) Unfortunately it can't be corrected or modified but it has a lot of interesting and unique stuff on it!!


Think of a building use, and we can design it using containers and save you money.  We also specialize in SIPS panel prefab systems as well as conventional construction.
Of course we enjoy designing high end unique houses.
YOU CAN BE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD just as we can be anywhere in the world as you read this. 
DON'T  leave a message here because I won't receive it , please contact  us by email to: 


Tel: +61 3 52619422 or 0438619424

Australian office address:
5 Loch Lomond Cr. Torquay, Victoria 3228

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