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Welcome to our temporary website while we are building a new site.
As architects and interior architects, our interest is in the creative and unique design of sustainable economical buildings using conventional and innovative construction systems. We provide complete design services, documentation and construction inspections, as well as sourcing components and fully fitted building modules from overseas.
Our main interest is in designing exciting up-market homes fitted out with unique items that we source overseas. Many years of overseas travel (to 106 countries) has provided us with unique sources for unique products. If you are interested in having a house designed that won't look like any other, we invite your inquiry . It doesn't matter where you are in the world.... we can provide you with the services you need.
We also have another design interest...... to design buildings at low cost using shipping containers and other building techniques.
It's important that you understand that we are not project home builders who provide "free" plans if you engage them to design your house, we are not sales agents for container module manufacturers, we are architects who charge fees for our time and the design work we do. You are not locked into using any particular builder...... you can do the building work yourself!
For many years we attempted to work with Asian container module manufacturers but without success. However we are hopeful of finding a manufacturer that we can rely upon to build to our design standards and international construction standards.
Update! We will soon bring out a range of BUILDinBOXES modular homes that 2 people with no training can build themselves very quickly and easily. For example a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house will require 12 modules (each 6m X 3m X 2.4 or 3.2m ceiling heights) with each module taking max 2 days to build. Total build time only 24 days.Huge savings in footings and general construction. We plan to specialize in custom designing BUILDinBOXES homes for DIY and professional builders. We can already put you in touch with a builder who can build this type of house for you starting very soon.
We also can assist you with any of the foloowing
A STUDIO APARTMENT complete in 1 module  (that was exhibited at DESIGN BUILD EXPO at Melbourne Convention Centre May 4 to 6 , 2016.)
A HUNTER'S HAVEN a relocatable 20 ft container that expands to 3 times its size, designed for hunters in USA, Canada and Alaska. It will be completely self containered and at the end of the hunting season, closed up to become secure to humans and bears until next season..
A SMALLisSMART HOUSE. Our original 1 bedroom house in a 40 ft container.
SMALLisSMART 2 BEDROOM AND 3 BEDROOM HOUSES each built in 2 X 40 ft containers.
AND a range of larger single and 2 storey SMALLisSMARTS!
Of course all of these designs are already available for construction locally by builders or DIY builders. The advantage for DIYers is that using containers, the structure of the house is already in place and certified, all you have to do is "fill-ins" that are very easy and not present problems for Builder Surveyors.

We do specialize in container based architecture. The benefits are: substantial cost savings,​ speed of construction, weather protected construction, tornado, fire, termite and bear resistance. Container based buildings can be quickly relocated leaving a site pristine because you don't require in-ground concrete footings with the patented footings and connection system we specify and recommend.

We offer student accommodation modules (including kitchens and en-suite bathrooms) each in a 20 ft container. One current project will show a 20% return on investment.
This tiny house was exhibited at the DESIGN BUILD EXPO at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre on the 4th to 6th of May 2016.

Our SMALLisSMART HOUSE is a complete 1 bedroom house in a 40 ft container.

We can assist clients to realize a 3 bedroom house in 2 X 40 ft containers built DIY for US$80k.+/-.

In many instances, we combine containers, conventional construction and SIPS panel construction. Inside a container based building, apart from dimensions, the building will appear like any other building.

If you can read the instructions that come with IKEA flat-pak furniture, then you can construct any building designed by us DIY with our drawings and instructions anywhere in the world.

What else are we doing NOW?

The VINEYARD VILLAGE. We are developing a project for a new community to live in eco sustainable housing  ​with an entry all up cost of less than $250,000 including land.

(Go to the Vineyard Village at Leopold for further details.) We plan to establish a syndicate to purchase a 130 acre property. There will be 20 partners at $100,000 each. (Land cost is $2m.)  On completion of the development within 4 years, the anticipated net profit will be $20m to be shared by the syndicate. 


We have designed an expandable house that starts as a 20 ft container, will be trailerable, and which will open up to a 1 bedroom house with living / dining. kitchen and bathroom for a price of under $25,000.

The market we are directing this "Hunters Haven" to is the hunters of USA, Canada and Alaska.

But it can be used as a holiday house or even permanent house although it is fully self contained.... solar / Honda generator power, tank water.

You can contact us at  

or phone +61 3 52619422


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