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The Conference Centre end of the "Landing at Geelong"                                                                                           The luxury apartments at the end of the complex
A CONCEPT........ just a few ideas to throw out there!
The City of Geelong proposes to build a new pier to encourage cruise ships to visit the city, but funding is a problem to be overcome! Our idea is to invite a developer to construct the new pier and build a conference centre, hotel, student apartments to cater for some of the 9000 new students anticipated and to study only 200 m. from this site. As well, we envisage a large complex of luxury apartments at the sea end of the complex. The lower two levels behind the conference centre will provide ample carparking. Between the building complex and the cruise ship dock, we can see a piazza with trees, and surrounding shops and restaurants.
To take this concept even further, to make it an icon attracting large numbers of visitors to Geelong, we would like to see a full scale "skeleton" of the Clipper ship Lightning built on the pier. (The Lightning caught fire at this particular pier, was towed away from the pier where she sank.) The actual dining room could be reproduced and function as a restaurant. It would be a "sculpture" that people could safely climb on and around to experience the size of this great vessel of the past.
As a further attraction we would like to see an Antarctic Museum on an ice breaker moored at the "Landing at Geelong". At the time of the reconstruction of the waterfront some years ago, we researched the possibility and found the sister ship to Australia's research vessel that sank in Antarctic waters, and we became aware of sufficient material to fill the museum.
That opportunity was lost when the available ship was broken up. That doesn't mean that another ship could not become available. In fact e heard recently that Australia's current Antarctic supply vessel, the Aurora Australis is coming to the end of its working life. Why not put in a bid for it to become our new museum?
To complete the concept, we would like to have a fully functioning replica of the S.S.Edina. This famous sailing / steam ship saw duty in the Crimean War, then became a ferry between Melbourne and Geelong, finishing her days as a coal lighter, then broken up.
We have all the plans including the lines drawings and know a shipyard in the Ukraine that would build it very economically!
May be we are thinking too far ahead and too big?  On the other hand......the Sydney Opera House got built funded mainly from a lottery! Anything can be achieved with enough enthusiasm!



Before the redevelopment of the waterfront at Geelong was implemented, the city invited comments from the community on the design that had been proposed by the city's consultant designers.

Our "comment" was a detailed critique and the presentation of an alternative design.​ The construction of a replica of the S.S.Edina was part of our proposal.

The S.S. Edina originally saw active service in the Crimean War. She sailed to Australia to become a regular passenger ferry between Melbourne and Geelong. After then becoming a coal lighter for a few years, she was broken up for scrap in the late thirties. We believe a replica of the famous little ship would become a big tourist attraction for the waterfront at Geelong.

The City of Geelong is currently considering the establishment of a convention centre.

This design is what we proposed as a convention centre, hotel and casino to be built over the water in 1964.

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