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We have a number of opportunities that we would like to bring to property investors:

INVEST $95,000 in a new 3 generational retirement village. (Yes this is a village for residents of all ages but we will particularly cater for the needs of retirees!) That amount will secure a residential block of land in the village. You will also gain title to 5 more blocks of land




We have currently identified a number of properties in Victoria, Australia, and in Florida, USA, all suitable for development that will show the kind of profits indicated above by us creating very successful retirement / tourist resort villages. They are in the Torquay area (Australia's surfing capital), in the surrounds of Geelong, at Phillip Island, at Ballarat, and at Nagambie.  If you are a property investor and the above is of interest, please contact us. If you would like to understand more about the concept, go to Vineyard Village at Leopold on this website. The concept is fully explained except there is something we have left out! We have found a captive market for these villages no matter where we want to develop them. That information (ouir I.P.) will be divulged to the investor who takes on one of these projects only.  The key to success is knowing how to get such a development approved through town planning. We know how to achieve this! If you have a property of around 120 acres that you would like to develop along these lines (profit wise), tell us about it and we will givr you an opinion. We are considering putting a syndicate of investors together to develop a village. Talk to us if you are interested.

. We know how!


We know of a property, 100 acres with river front on the Murray River between Echuca and Swan Hill. We seek an investor / developer to assist us to bring this development to fruition as a 3 generational retirement resort village combined with viticulture, horticulture, aquaculture and tourism. We have the full support of the local council and community. The investment required is $6m which on the sale of the residential lots will show a $20m net profit. The investor is not required to retain an interest in the village after the sale of all the lots.


By using our container house technology, there is opportunities for people with residential properties to subdivide a small area off the rear of the property. It  can be sold for development or you can develop it yourself by either putting a SMALLisSMART HOUSE on it or a number of our student apartments (each a 20 ft container). We only need the last 6m of the block.
The same kind of opportunity applies to non-corner blocks as long as there is a strip of land and least 3m wide between one side of the house and the boundary.



If you are planning to build a residential development of say 5 to 10 units and expect to have to provide at least 1 car space per unit, we have devised a way of reducing that number to maybe as low as 4 car spaces for the whole site. And, the capital cost per studio unit can be below $30k each.  Talk to us!

Telephone: 61 (03) 52619422

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