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 If you are looking for an architect and interior architect who will provide you with a very personal design service, we invite you to explore this site. We enjoy designing up-market houses that are out of the square and very individual using conventional and very advanced construction methods. We adapt construction materials for other purposes! Because we travel the world regularly, you will find "things" introduced to your new house that has never been used or seen anywhere else in the world. Through our overseas sourcing, we can save you many thousands of dollars. On a recent project we saved the client $60,000 just on the sourcing of his windows. That's what makes us different! 

If a new house design is your area of interest, click on ARCHITECTURE 1 and ARCHITECTURE 2 above and you will be taken to some examples.

If low cost fast constructed modular houses is where your interest lies, then please go to You will be amazed!


Many years ago, a friend of mine was closing down the distributorship of a very high end commercial Italian furniture maker, TECNO, and was selling up by auction all the furniture from the show room. The prices were so ridiculously low that I couldn't help myself. I bought a lot of it. I have left 3 round tables that retailed 10 years ago for $28,000 each. If we design a house for you and a round 10 seater table suits your brief, one of those tables will be yours free of charge!

We also have an interest in working with shipping containers! It can be a 1200 container based conference centre....with a 500 room hotel, 400 student apartments (each in a 20 ft container) and 300 luxury apartments to be built on a new cruise ship pier.

OR....we can act as architects for the design of your new houseboat, granny flat, townhouse complex, or commercial building. In fact, any building can be constructed using shipping containers to save money, speedy construction off-site; and be tornado, fire, termite, theft proof,  and start at less than $20,000,

AND.... the project can be anywhere in the world!

      We have been working with containers for many years but do recognize their size limitations...

ANNOUNCING........ A World First.......AMAZiN HOUSES!

      We have developed a world first modular construction system ideal for the DIY builder or construction contractor. You don't need a crane to lift anything or a surveyor to set out the building. It does it itself saving $000s. It's based on a 6m X 3m module (wider than a container) with 2.4m or 3.2m high ceilings. 2 Untrained people can build a house of any size taking 2 days to completely assemble each module. A 4 bedroom / 2 bath house is 12 modules and will take 24 days to being locked up and lined. All you need is the roof applied, the plumbing, electricals and cabinetry installed. It's like building with Lego blocks!!

      If you can imagine any building planned on a 6m X 3m grid (North South and East West combined), then this system will provide you with your building.... a Granny flat, Airbnb, or student studio, a 3 story house, a block of flats, a hotel, a house boat, and even a hospital!

      Let me briefly explain how you construct a module:

All the components for each module come knocked down in a 20ft or 40ft shipping container from the factory in China. (Manufacturing is cheaper there!) The steel frame components are all galvanized and powder coated for ultimate long life protection.

      Engage a contractor with a tractor and post hole drill to drill holes directly under where the corners of the modules will be. Then create hurdles (pieces of timber laid on the ground diagonally across each corner but not over the holes) so that you can lay out the two long floor perimeter beams and the two short perimeter beams on the timber with the corner blocks. If your site is not level, then you will have to find a way to pack the timbers up off the ground to form a level platform. You bolt together the corner blocks and the beams to create a rectangular floor frame. You take a spirit level and level the frame by wedging under the steel members until the floor frame is perfectly level. You then take the corner posts and stand them on the corner blocks and bolt them in place. Then you create another rectangular frame bolted at the corners on the top of the posts.

      You now have what we call the "cage". Next, you bolt all the floor joists to the brackets on the long floor beams and square the floor frame with the diagonal strapping provided. You now have a complete perimeter cage leveled and squared. Under the corner blocks, you bolt the stumps which hang in the corner holes in the ground. Then simply fill the holes around them with concrete.. You then stand the fire resistant 75mm and 100 mm thick foam core insulated sandwich panels and screw them to the perimeter beams. The same with windows and doors. You then fit the floor sheets which jamb against the walls to keep them tight. You then bolt the roof joists in place and fix the ceiling and roof battens. Ceilings can be plywood, plaster board, or we prefer cork tiles to absorb moisture and assist with the acoustics of the room. A flat conventional roof is recommended.... Kliplok 406 is our preference but you can add any shaped roof you like!

      Electrical conduits are built into the sandwich panels so no wiring or plumbing is exposed on the walls. Internal walls are stood in place and locked together along with doorways etc.

All this work can be done by 2 unskilled persons, but you will have to do some owner builder certification .... not so hard to achieve!

      As well as what you do, you will need the services of licensed plumbers and electricians.

We suggest you complete the job by installing cabinetry from IKEA.

      We have a range of houses already designed and to show the versatility of the system, we have designs in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Jan Utzen and other famous architects. Or you can engage any architect or us to design it for you.

    YES, you can have an amazing custom architect designed unique house at a very substantial cost saving, and you can build it yourself. All you need is a spanner and screwdriver!

    Give us a call for an initial explanation and further advice regarding the process. 

     With this system you are guaranteed to save money and time.....!

See a whole lot more at


After reading of the murder of a young girl sleeping rough in a Melbourne park, my mind got working instead of sleeping and I came up with the COMFORT CUBE. Inside one of our new BUILDinBOX 6m X 3m modules, I have designed 4 "cubes" with a bed, a table and chair, hanging space for clothes and a large shelf for their belongings. Each cube has its own entrance from outside, and opens onto a shared bathroom with a shower, toilet, basin / trough for washing clothes. While it is in use, the bathroom can'y be entered by any other resident of the building. I have opened a Crowdfunding on Facebook to raise the $20,000 needed to build the prototype which we want to display to the public, charities and government to encourage the construction of many of these little homes for the homeless in every community around the world. I will make available the drawings and material sources to anyone interested in replicating the COMFORT CUBES in your location. FREE OF CHARGE!

If high end architecture is your interest, please click on 

ARCHITECTURE1 and ARCHITECTURE 2 to see some of our recent exciting and unique projects.


The photo on this screen was the catalyst for the creation of container

based architecture. The architect explored the world for 3

years living in this "container" on top of this car.

More about this "ORIGINS" page. .................​



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